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There are 5 Options with Paper

There are only 5 options when it comes to managing the paper in your life!

Option 1 - The Trash Can

The trash can is the best filing system in the world. The best filing method ever invented is to toss the paper in the trash (or recycle as you are inclined). That's right, if you can toss all the paper in your life and find it later on the Internet, get it from someone else, etc., then you are staying streamlined and ready to do business. The trash can (recycle bin) is the best file cabinet ever invented! However, most people have paper that they either cannot or will not just toss...then they move to Option 2.

Most people cannot put all their paper in the trash can so they end up using...

Option 2 - Stacking Paper!

The second best filing system in the world (and only for the paper that does not fit into option 1 above) is stacking the paper. If you have a small enough amount of paper that you can easily keep up with it in your head and you really like having it "in your sight" - then the stacking method is awesome.

There is no work on the front-end (just toss it in a pile near you) and if you can quickly shuffle through the piles accumulated and find your information, then what could be better? This method does not work very well in an office environment where information must be shared or when the amount of time you spend looking for lost information no longer makes sense.

At some point, especially in a business, the stacking method reaches the end of its useful life and you are ready for a "system" of some kind. Most people naturally move to Option 3 below but this Option has many problems. With the advent of the modern computer, this Option has become obsolete - there is really very few good reasons to keep an alphabetic filing system anymore. Let us show you why...

When you are tired of the piles of paper and cannot find things easily enough...

Option 3 - Alphabetizing!

When the stacks start getting to you (and you keep hearing your mother's voice saying - "clean up this mess") then you need to move to a "system" and the one that has been around for hundreds of years is the alphabetic method. The alphabetic method plagues many offices in the world today and keeps them from reaching their maximum efficiency.

Until the invention of the computer, the alphabetic method was about all we had for a system, but it has many problems. In today's computerized world (on every desktop) and with products like Paper Tiger, there are not many good reasons to use the alphabetic method.

The alphabetic method starts to breakdown and become inefficient the minute you put it in and it requires way too much maintenance. Many, if not most, companies that contact Paper Tiger have an alphabetic system and are ready to get rid of it - it simply does not work well or "the person" that kept it up has retired, moved on or wants something better.


  • requires memory...yours - either you or your staff must remember where & how things are filed. Not a good use of energy.
  • staff turnover - if the person who knows where everything is filed leaves or takes a have a big problem.
  • time consuming - each file must be physically setup when needed & you must stand over the file cabinet to actually file something.
  • not group friendly - if more than one person shares the files, everyone may think of the files differently.
  • space issues - if you run out of space in the "A" drawer, you have to move everything down to make more room - quite a task!
  • archiving is difficult - when paper needs to move to archive (off-site), it will be difficult to find.
  • duplication is easy - if you are not really careful, it is very easy to get multiple files, each with part of the information, on a particular subject.
  • more & more file cabinets - because it is such a task to "clean out" the filing, it is always put off & you just keep buying more file cabinets.
  • one dimension - you can only see the information in one dimension. You only have the one or two keywords on the file folder tab, nothing more.
  • security - it is easy for anyone to take a file and until someone looks for it, there is no way to know it is gone!

When you are ready to move away from your alphabetic filing system that has never worked properly, you have two good options...

Option 4 - Scanning!

This is an excellent way to eliminate your problems with paper as long as you can live with the compromises inherent with scanning. Scanning allows you to easily share information, get rid of the paper, more easily find the information you are looking for, reduce purchases for file cabinets, etc. There are many advantages, not the least of which is the office looks and feels more streamlined.

However, scanning is not without problems and it is important that you understand the risks involved and have some possible solutions in mind before committing to this option. There are some problems with scanning - many documents cannot be easily scanned (bound material, original contracts, non-standard shapes/textures, etc.) Scanning documents can be very time consuming and tedious - scanners are machines - they jam, they break, documents are stapled or bound, documents have handwritten "sticky notes" on them (sticky notes like to "stick" to scanners!), etc. Some people, even after scanning their documents, are afraid to destroy the original paper in case there is ever a problem and keep the paper in archives (thus still keeping the physical documents!).


  • very time consuming - setup, conversion & on-going maintenance.
  • cannot scan all documents - bound materials, original contracts, etc.
  • destroys original documents - what to do with paper once scanned?
  • can be expensive - much more equipment (scanners, drives, etc.)
  • equipment breakdowns - equipment breaks.
  • data corruption is possible - corruption, viruses, etc.
  • high learning curve - imaging systems require a new way of thinking.


Option 5 - Indexing!

Paper Tiger is an indexing method. It is a very simple, yet powerful concept. Keep your paper in its original form (you do not have to scan it) and use the power of the computer to quickly and easily find/share the information when you need it. This is the best of both worlds and it is why tens of thousands of companies around the world are using the product. You get all of the best things from the computer but do not have the problems of using a scanner.

As you might imagine, we think for most businesses, indexing is the lowest cost (wages, machines, overhead, etc) and best option available. Paper Tiger is the "best of breed" - it is designed to do only one thing - help you manage physical files (hanging files) in a file cabinet. It is now in its 4th generation and has been in the market for over 10 years!

Most customers that convert their paper files to Paper Tiger would not use anything else - it is simple to learn, has great training resources (very important if you have staff turnover and need to train new employees) and it works.


  • much less time consuming - setup, conversion & on-going maintenance.
  • can input all documents - bound materials, original contracts, etc.
  • does not destroy original documents - you keep the original paper.
  • less expensive - use your existing equipment more efficiently.
  • no machines to break - you are using existing equipment.
  • database corruption is possible - however printed index is kept.
  • secure - not easily stolen, as files are indexed and file cabinets are heavy!
  • low learning curve - simple to learn in 30 minutes or less.
  • make filing! - make filing less of a chore!

Filing can be Hard Labor!

Eliminate the hassles and labor involved with filing. Paper Tiger makes the entire process much easier.

Filing is Physical

First, when you are using Paper Tiger, all hanging file folders in your file cabinets are setup at one time and they never change (these are numbered using the tabs that you print out from the software).

Because the hanging file folders are already setup and waiting for your information, you eliminate the time-consuming hassle of having to find and create a file folder each time you want to file something.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

What Happens When You Run Out of Space?

Second, using the age-old alphabetic method of filing, should you ever run out of space in the “A” Section, “B” Section, etc., you had to move all the files down to make more room for the “A‛s”, “B‛s”, etc. – what a hassle. People put this off and just simply stack the files on top of the file cabinet for clean up at a later time – this “later time” can become never.

Paper Tiger automatically finds the next available open folder (closest to the front) when you file something new, so that your files stay compact and neat, taking up the least amount of space possible. This saves you time and money by not having to purchase additional file cabinets - not to mention the cost of the real estate (rent, taxes, etc.) additional file cabinets take up in your office.

Entering in keywords is as easy as typing!

Moving Made Easy!

Additionally, there are times when you want to move a file from one place to another (for example when you archive information off-site), want to merge two files together, want to duplicate a file or simply want to toss (delete) a file. Paper Tiger makes this very easy and even reminds you to actually physically move the files once you have made the decision.

Entering in keywords is as easy as typing!

Not Just for Filing Paper

Paper Tiger can be used to organize a multitude of things.

Hanging Files

Anything that can be put in a hanging file is the #1 use of the Paper Tiger software. The files are numbered and keywords are associated with each file. (there are other ways to use it too.) You search the keyword and the system quickly tells you where the file is! You will go right to it in seconds! In the example to the left, the files are labeled Reference 1, Reference 2, etc.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!


By numbering the binders and entering in keywords describing the contents of each binder (newsletters, company names, slogans, themes, what ever you have in the binders, etc.), you can save a lot of time finding what you are looking for! This works much the same as what you might do with a hanging file, but you want the items to be a bit more mobile.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!


Are you an avid reader or do you have a number of books that you use for reference? The Paper Tiger can help you quickly find the right book. You number the bindings of the books and keep them in numerical order. When you need to find a specific reference, with the Paper Tiger you can now search by keyword and find all books pertaining to the subject you need. No more time wasted on scanning through shelves and pages of your material to find what you need.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!


No matter how you store your CDs, you can number the CD itself or the edge of the jewel case & find the one you are looking for by using a keyword or category search. This is great for a household that has two people arguing about how they should be organized! You can document genre (classical, jazz, hip-hop, etc.), artist, year & more. You can also use this for audio books or even software titles.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!


Keep track of DVDs by numbering the DVD and the storage sleeve. (Using a silver Sharpie marker.) You'll know where to put them away and Paper Tiger can be used to tell where to find it again! To make it even sweeter, each birthday and holiday time, when family members are asking for wish lists, you can print out what you have on inventory and they get something that is not on the list.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!


Do you own collections that others may not know the value? Use Paper Tiger to identify your special possessions & anything you would like to remember. This is great for insurance inventories. Some people also print out an inventory of what they own & give it to family members so that duplicates are not bought!

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

Storage Containers

Use Paper Tiger to help with family communication. Number all of your storage containers and place in numerical order in your basement or other storage area. When you need to find something, type in the keyword & the container number will be displayed in seconds. It is much easier to ask a family member to get box #10 than to ask them to get the Fall decorations!

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

Moving Boxes

Numbers are placed on the box with a description of the contents entered into the Paper Tiger. You can use the category for the name of the room the box should go to. A description of the contents is entered for each box. Unpacking becomes a breeze!

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

Bank/Storage Boxes

If you have a special spot that you store your precious items, make sure you remember what is stored in what location. Make sure to tell your emergency contact where your inventory is in the event that you cannot get to it.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!


Insurance agents frequently tell us that we should have a documentation of our belongings in the event of a disaster. Paper Tiger is a fabulous tool to identify the important items in your home.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

Storage Sheds

While we would like you to consider de-cluttering before paying for multiple storage sheds, (whether storage sheds in your backyard or renting storage) that is not always possible. Many use Paper Tiger to identify the contents of each storage unit.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

Test Tubes

University professors and other scientists use Paper Tiger to cross-reference samples. You put numbers on the test tubes. Then, Paper Tiger is used to hold the cross reference information.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!


Like wine? It may not be as big as this one, but you can manage your collection! You can use the keywords to track the name, type (wet, dry, red, dessert, etc.), vintage, vineyard, types of food it is best with (chicken, steak, fruit & cheese, etc.), and guest favorites.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

Car Lots

If you are in any type of business that requires the changing of cars in and out of lots, Paper Tiger can help you know where each vehicle is! Towing, Rental cars, Used car lot and more! Store VIN, year, make, model, color, etc.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

Craft Supplies

Do you enjoy de-stressing by crafting? Making jewelry, stitching, knitting and more! Number each compartment of a container, with the corresponding number in Paper Tiger for each type of craft item. For cross-stitch floss, number each floss and enter the keywords in Paper Tiger to document the color name, color number, brand and any pattern that has used the color. Other examples Paper Tiger can be used for crafting, yarn, scrapbooking, etc.

No more fumbling for supplies. You'll do it all at once!

This list was compiled by Stephanie LH Calahan of Calahan Solutions. She is one of our great Paper Tiger Experts.

Forget About a Good Memory!

Paper Tiger takes the focus off of filing and puts it on finding.

You can forget about remembering anything!

You just add keywords, Paper Tiger makes sure you find things - no more remembering.

If everyone filed (and thought) the same way, this would be easy. However, people in an office environment can file things in very different ways. Actually, the same person can file things in a different way on different days – depending on how they are thinking and feeling that day! By using Paper Tiger, this problem is eliminated and all the office information can be quickly found, regardless of who filed it and how they filed it.

Entering in keywords is as easy as typing! View screenshot

Paper Tiger is a finding system, not a filing system

Filing Systems force you and your team to file in a consistent and disciplined way. Reality tells us that doesn't describe most of us!

Learn more...
As you search, Paper Tiger automatically highlights the results

Staff turnover without panic!

Because your paper file index is on Paper Tiger, your administrator can actually take a vacation and your office can keep functioning!

In today's business environment, your staff (or you individually) must be very productive and not waste time on such things as looking for files. Being really organized and streamlined is no longer an option but rather a requirement for business survival. In addition, if you have staff turnover and should you lose your administrator – who would really know how everything is filed?

By using The Paper Tiger software, your business will have a powerful index of all your paper document resources, just like you have a chart of accounts for your accounting. This will allow you and/or your administrative staff to focus your time on more productive efforts and greatly reduce stress in the office!


A Paper Tiger that is All Muscle!

The name Paper Tiger is intended to be fun but the features are very powerful!

No more duplicate files with Find First!

With old fashioned filing methods, it is easy (especially if files are shared with co-workers) to end up with a file cabinet full of duplicate files.

Learn more...
Find first will keep you from creating duplicate files with this popup.

Extensive Reporting and Label/Tab Support

See your information printed in almost anyway you like. Reports are designed to make life easier for you and can be taken with you. The labeling/tab features (full Avery label support) makes setting up the software a snap!

The software allows you to printout an alphabetized index and keep it at your desk or take it with you when traveling, etc. There are also other reports in the system that make file clean-out and staying on top of action dates much easier.

avery_list View screenshot...

Categories let you organize in a new way!

Paper Tiger allows you to file information physically one way but easily organize files virtually in a totally different way using Categories.

Categories offer a virtual view of your paper files at the click of a button. You can relate files without them being physically related!

View screenshot...
Categories allows you to see files together that are not in the same physical location.

Search, Share and Organize Online

Paper Tiger helps keep you really organized!

Keep track of changes with Transfers

Paper has a life cycle - from creation to archive and ultimately to be tossed or deleted. Paper Tiger makes these changes very easy.

Learn more...
Easily comandeer your files with the move, merge, and duplicate functions.

Make sure your files move with Confirmations

One of the great things about using Paper Tiger is that you can make all of the decisions about where you want to file your papers (the thinking/mental work) while you are seated comfortably at your desk (no more standing over the file cabinet) and you can even do your office filing from home or you can file while on the road.

Learn more...
After you move your files physically, you can confirm them in Paper Tiger to ensure your files and database are syncrhonized.

Know when files need attention with Action Dates!

A little maintenance goes a long way. Easily clean out files on a set schedule (like your retention guidelines), move files to archives, and stop continually buying more cabinets to house outdated documents.

Learn more...
You can set action dates in the far future for things such as tax retention guidelinies.

Paper Tiger is not just for filing & managing paper

You can use the software for many other organizational tasks - great uses include keeping track of what is in storage containers (say at an off-site storage room), indexing large CD/DVD collections, indexing large book collections, etc. Really any physical object can be indexed and organized - file it randomly using a number and use the computer to find it fast when you need it!

You can use Paper Tiger to track things such as tools and supplies, clothes, cd's, movies, and more!

Security is Our Goal

We take the safety and security of your data & your privacy very seriously!

Digital Ocean Web Services
We use the best!

We trust our state-of-the-art computer servers to DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean provides IT infrastructure to thousands of cloud computing customers such as Paper Tiger. DigitalOcean's guaranteed uptime of at least 99.9%, assures that Paper Tiger will be there for you when you need it.

Our servers at DigitalOcean are in a highly secure environment that prevents physical access, there is complete redundancy and your data is professionally maintained and backed up. Our network is protected by a state-of-the-art firewall. In addition, even our free accounts provide SSL security (data encryption) to ensure your data gets to and from our servers safely.

SSL for data encryption on all accounts

We provide SSL security for all accounts to ensure your data gets to and from our servers safely and securely!

SSL encrypts all data transmission to and from our servers to prevent unauthorized access.

Automated redundant backups

The best backups are the ones you don't have to think about. We ensure that your data is safe with nightly data backups within our datacenters.

Also, Paper Tiger allows you to export a backup of your data at any time to your own computer for safekeeping and peace of mind.


We are TRUSTe Certified

Paper Tiger adheres to the TRUSTe industry standard for privacy so you can be assured that your privacy is protected.

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