My Paper Tiger database from 1.X, 2.X, or 3.X cannot be imported into Paper Tiger Basic Edition


This error occurs when you’re trying to import a database file which contains more than 2 locations within the database in the 4.1 Basic version. The Basic version of Paper Tiger Filing System software does not support more than 2 locations within the database, i.e., Action, Reference, CD, DVD, Books, Storage.


If you would like to keep your current number of locations, you can upgrade to Paper Tiger Professional or Paper Tiger Network.

Or, to resolve the above problem you need merge the locations down to 2 locations, so that you can use the database in the Paper Tiger 4.1 Basic.

Below are the directions to move the files from one location to another:

1. Open Paper Tiger click on Browser.

2. Decide which two locations you want to move all other location items to, then select the items you want to move to these two locations.

3. Click on the “Transfer” button.

4. A pop up will open, select Summery tab.

5. Check the Move radio button (Refer Image 1)

6. Change the new location name in the Locations list. (Refer Image 1)

7. Uncheck the “Require Confirmation”. (Refer Image 1)

8. Then click on the transfer button.


Image 1

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