How do I empty the trash when trash items are open or in use?

Paper Tiger will not allow you to empty the trash if there are items in the trash that are open or in use. In order to empty the trash, you must confirm that the files are to be deleted. To do this:

  1. Click on "Confirm" button in the top of the Paper Tiger application window or Go to view menu and click on "Transfers".
  2. Click in either Confirm or Cancel column for the files in the "Transfers" browser depending on your requirement. (Refer Image 1)
  3. Go to file menu and click on "Empty The Trash". (Refer Image 2)
  4. A Confirmation box will appear with the message "Are you sure you want to permanently delete all items stored in the Trash location?"
  5. If you want to empty the trash, then click “Yes”.
  6. The trash file will be empty.


Image 1


Image 2

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