Google Docs for storage

Please Note: Information herein is subject to change based on the new Google Drive changes.

Google Docs can also be used as a storage bucket for all your digital files. Users with free Gmail accounts get 1GB of storage for free and FOR paid/business Google account users get 25GB of storage.

Offering the most competitive and budget friendly pricing in the market today - users can purchase extra storage up 16TB

Another advantage to using Gdocs as a storage bucket, is that files which have been converted to Google's format DO NOT count towards your storage quota. Meaning you can have an unlimited number of files in the Google docs format. Storage only counts for non-converted files which can not be larger than 1GB each.

Below is Google pricing compared to some industry competitors.

Any storage that you purchase can be shared across Google products like Gmail, Google Docs, or Picasa Web.

Google Storage Pricing

Up to 5 GB - Free

25 GB - $2.49/Month

100 GB - $4.99/Month

200 GB - $9.99/Month

400 GB - $19.99/Month

1 TB - $49.99/Month

2 TB - $99.99/Month

4 TB - $199.99/Month

8 TB - $399.99/Month

16 TB - $799.99/Month

*Prices subject to change by Google*

Compared to others:

Dropbox Storage Pricing

  1. 50 GB - $9.99/month
  2. 100 GB - $19.99/month

OfficeDrop Pricing

  1. 20 GB - $9.95/month
  2. 50 GB - $24.95/month

*Prices subject to change

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