How do I import a Paper Tiger 4 CSV file?

To import a Paper Tiger CSV file from Paper Tiger 4:
  1. Open version 4.1, but select CANCEL when asked what database you want to open. If a database opens automatically, click on FILE and NEW and ADD NEW DATABASE. Name the database and wait for the creation process to complete.
  2. Click on FILE and IMPORT. (Refer Image 1)
  3. Check the box that says TEXT FILE from the TYPE OF IMPORT field. (Refer Image 2)
  4. Browse to and select the provided CSV file using the BROWSE button Note: you should see the window populate with the Locations List contained within the export file. (Refer Image 2)
  5. Check the box that says SELECT ALL from the SELECT LOCATIONS TO IMPORT field. (Refer Image 2)
  6. Check the box that says USE IMPORT LOCATION from the IMPORT DESTINATION field. (Refer Image 2)
  7. Click on IMPORT. (Refer Image 2)


Image 1


Image 2

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