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Here is a list of what actual customers are saying about Paper Tiger and Digital Tiger Software. Please note that our customers are in almost every industry and come from all parts of the world. Read below to see how our customers are finding a better way to organize and manage their information.

Bonnie Nison New Jersey, Jan 07, 2019
Just a note to compliment the SUPER support they provide. We have been using Paper Tiger for 10 years and recently upgraded the computer we used on another operating system. They were great on making sure we were able to install the software on the new computer since I was initially having issues. Good to know they have your back - even after 10 years!

Beverly Vancouver, BC Jun 11, 2018
I first found Paper Tiger about 9 years ago or so when I had to organize the CEO of the city of Vancouver's Museum's office. No one had done it for years. I tried six times to sort it, and every time I'd try, I'd find a mix of ten year's worth of paper in just one box and was heartedly discouraged. Then I discovered Paper Tiger Online, and the CEO and I soon had that place organized like nobody's business. I'm no longer there, nor is the CEO I worked with, but a friend of mine who's still there says the current CEO commented about how organized everything is and how everything's so easy to find - three CEO's later! So, Paper Tiger saved the day and made me look really good years after implementation.

Rhonda Koplin Macon, GA Aug 15, 2016
I had to have an appliance service guy come in to replace my disposal and calibrate my oven this morning, Tuesday, August 9th. When he asked if I had the manual for the oven, I went to laptop, entered key word and found my 14-year old manual in Reference 63. In the past, it may have been in a kitchen drawer, laundry room or filed in an unorganized place.

Kathy Paauw Paauw Enterprises Seattle, WA Nov 03, 2015
My storage area was not quite that bad, but I recently reorganized our attic and also put things in our new storage shed we just built on the side of the house. Everyone in my family can find anything in either location in just a few seconds, thanks to the Paper Tiger!

Linda Henderson, NV Jul 13, 2015
I spent a number of years in administrative positions (I also worked for a company that sold filing supplies and systems) and in each job, I invariably revamped the previous person's filing system to suit my needs. The Paper Tiger eliminates the personal preference method of filing and makes files easily accessible to everyone in the office. Great product!

Lorie Jun 24, 2015
I have my filing coded and ready to put away. I got Paper Tiger software several years ago and love it. There has been several times that I needed to find a document, and was able to put my hands on it fast. I recommend this program often.

Flora Ochs St. Helens, Feb 06, 2013
Love the Paper Tiger software! I recently purchased and it is already changing my life. The endless paper stacks are being transported into labeled hanging folders, and now, they are so easy now to find. Great idea to use it to help with hobbies, too. I have a plethora of hobby supplies & tools (I also make miniature furniture.) Will be applying your ideas for my hobby, too. Also, I appreciate the webinars. They are so helpful and encouraging. Finally, a solution for our complex lives!

Chery Togashi Home Office Maple Valley, WA Sep 18, 2012
I'm a Paper Tiger customer and love this program. I use it for everything!! Anyway, I've been organizing books, craft items, household cupboards, etc. It's amazing!!!

Pam Berry Berry and Company Feb 08, 2012
Just this morning, I had a request to pull a legal document that hadn't been needed or even viewed in over two years. I pulled up Paper Tiger Online, typed in one word and had the file in my hand - all within two minutes. Stress free!

Cheryl Togashi Wayne and Cheryl Togashi Jan 21, 2012
I just spent a wonderful time with Paper Tiger organizing my Scrapbox WorkBox for my Craft Room/Den. I am now able to "see" what I really have in my craft supplies and keep an inventory of what needs purchasing. I love being able to edit Items in this "Location" quickly and easily keep a print out of what I have as well as on my smartphone! Thank you Paper Tiger! I use ten different locations at this time, with more to be added!

Rick Crankkshaw Holdings Inc Dec 30, 2011
I operate two companies and over the years we have had a number of different ventures, name changes and the like. I cannot begin to share the number of disjointed pieces of information scattered in cabinets and boxes - well it got to the point where the tail was wagging the dog. I have and am setting up a number of systems using the Paper Tiger to gather all the information and record it in a single, searchable place. I have modified the system a little. The Paper Tiger uses locations, and then folders at those locations. The problem is that I found I do not want like-minded files scattered throughout the index, so I created group files. It goes like this: CAB A, A, 16, C This identifies the file as belonging in a file cabinet (CAB) "A" and is in drawer "A", in location "16". Now I added the option "C" which tells me that location 16 is a group jacket and there are at least three folders located there "A","B","C" Group jackets for example could be employee folders for a small company, or payroll/income tax/HST filing and letters can all be in a large jacket located in a position in the cabinet. Otherwise, the index system of The Paper Tiger works well. You just need to keep on top of it. As the saying goes, Garbage In - Garbage Out

Angela Chapman Self Dec 27, 2011
I am slowly using Paper Tiger, only because time is limited! I am excited to have found "Paper Tiger" and look forward to organizing my life, family, home and businesses. Thank you Paper Tiger!

Susan Smoaks Nov 22, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it makes my life easier...@fdp4life

Gail Steger Mock Juice Plus+ for Health Nov 10, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because I have three distinct businesses and finding anything was getting totally out of hand. I brought in a Paper Tiger expert to help me get organized, which in itself was really helpful, now I'm looking forward to working in the cloud online.

Jim Hoyt Financial Links Oct 18, 2011
As Tony Tiger says, it's ggGGREAT. I have a lot of ideas and piles of paper supporting concepts to ideas strategically placed throughout my home and office. This (PT) is a unifying tool that acts as a depository, staging area and warehouse for many loose ends. And, the best part, I don't have books or systems to go over and guess where things should be, much less play hide and seek with where they actually are. Yes, this is a tremendous tool for me. Thank you so much, God Bless the tiger

Joyce Thomson Saint Mary's University Oct 13, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it frees me from the tyranny of creating and maintaining subject-filing schemes - Hmm, let's see, do I file that under "Department 'A'- Projects", or did I file it under "Projects - Department 'A'"??!? No time wasted thinking about this stuff means more time to do my work!

Joyce Thomson Saint Mary's University Oct 13, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it allows me to search for my stuff by keyword, making locating a particular document in a complex file very quick and easy. Being able to input many relevant keywords is a real plus with this system.

Joyce Thomson Saint Mary's University Sep 27, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it frees me from having to create complex topical structures for my files - just put it in the next slot, enter the keywords and you're done!

Martha Lewis Atlantic Physical Therapy Sep 06, 2011
About 6 years ago, I was adrift in piles of papers related to work and home. I hired an organization specialist to help me and she recommended the Paper Tiger. It has made a huge difference!!! I now spend more time doing what I need to do and much less time searching for information. I especially like the keyword search since I think about things from different points of view and this allows me to put all those words in so what I am looking for comes up. It is a great cost effective product.

Ross Cochrane Words of Life Blogs Aug 31, 2011
I love the Paper Tiger because I am a Pastor. I have 3 large filing cabinets and every piece of information I need from it is only about 5 seconds away. It is incredibly simple to use and exactly what I need to stay organised.

Anonymous Aug 24, 2011
Paper Tiger has been a great tool for me managing my ADHD. I have a tendency to be overwhelmed but with Paper Tiger all I have to do is enter a few “key words,” put it in the corresponding folder and my worries are over. Whenever I want to locate it, all I do is enter the keywords and instantly I know where to go. It keeps things simple and my "overwhelm" disappears. Now, I can FOCUS and let the positive side of ADHD come out: being CREATIVE and having FUN.

Char InternetSurplus Aug 22, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it's really helped me organize my office, therefore giving me more time to concentrate on sales. Thank you Paper Tiger!!

John Leighton BCRC – British Columbia Railway Corporation Aug 11, 2011
The Paper Tiger filing system is exceptionally powerful and beneficial in managing all our files and records. We quickly retrieve items regardless of who filed them or where they are filed. It’s simple and easy to use. If I was ever starting up another company or moving to another firm or even for a home office, I would strongly recommend adopting the Paper Tiger system for all files and records.

lilly nguyen Jul 26, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it makes a grueling task easy. Easy enough for me to actually file all these documents instead of letting it pile up! Thanks so much!

Mabyn Shingleton Louisiana Wholesale May 20, 2011
Everyone has heard the line "If a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind then what does an empty desk mean?" I think it means that you started using The Paper Tiger.

Laura Vinyard May 16, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it organizes way more than just paper. I set up locations all over the house, and assigned things like movies, CD's and books. In addition to being able to find ANY piece of paper within seconds, I can find any object in the same amount of time...even the stuff stored in the attic! Looking for Uncle David's WWII photos? Found! What about the paid receipt from that forestry service ticket received for hunting without a license? Found! It's nothing short of miraculous! Don't kid yourself thinking it's only for works for EVERYTHING!!

k. McDonald ssd May 11, 2011
OMG - What a mess I was hired to clean up. An office with boxes and boxes of paper. Garbage bags full of building plans. I knew if I had to go through each and every piece of paper, it would be impossible to keep everything organized. Was I going to keep this job, if not, someone needed to know where the important items ended up. I found paper tiger and asked for the software. It was approved, and now I see a wall of sleek black file cabinets with everything indexed and organized. I ended up keeping the job.....

Jeff Lindsey May 05, 2011
My business is very paper driven. One very important document (one page) may be hard to find in an old-fashioned filing system, but with Paper Tiger many of these not “like kind” pieces of paper can be easily indexed and found in seconds.

Roberta Kelley May 05, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because when I get mail or other paperwork, it helps me to quickly get organized so things aren't just sitting on my desk making clutter. I love the simplicity and effectiveness most of all. Because all of my files have been typed into the program, I can easily find what I'm looking for even if it is something I haven't looked at in a while. I spend far less time looking for things and much more time being productive.

Joy Widmer Summit Superior Floor Care LLC Mar 09, 2011
Paper Tiger helps keep my desk cleared off and I can find what I need when I need it fast by looking it up on Paper Tiger. This is a great filing system.

John Gehm Mar 08, 2011
I love the fact that I don't have to 'pre-think' all my categories before using it! It's flexible and it works on the fly! No more having paralysis having to decide on alphabetical categories: "Is this an 'A' or is this an 'R'?"

Michelle Green Big Rivers Electric Mar 08, 2011
I started using PaperTiger at work when my co-worker (the CEO's personal assistant at the time) told me about PaperTiger singing its praises. After setting up the database, I finally could contribute as a team member when our group was in a frenzy looking for something. I am looking forward to the digital version. I would like to set up a home database as well.

Monica Lacombe The Style Counsel Mar 08, 2011
WOW... where have you been all my life? I have tired every system out there and yours makes sense! I am implementing it at home, work, at my brothers businesses, and on and on. I am Facebooking about you and doing anything I can to promote you as I want you around forever. I hope you really consider how to include what I have done in bridging the paper and digital paper worlds with an integrated scan to file system ...To have the digital and physical worlds meet in one logical place is A+

Rhonda Bustad-Weber Interstate All Battery Mar 01, 2011
I recently purchased Paper Tiger and WOW what a difference it made in my life and office. I actually am not embarrased to have meetings in my office now. I was leary of having to go to the site to find a folder, however after utilizing it for 2 weeks I dont know how I survived without it. Dividing folders into reference and action really makes sense. Thanks to paper tiger I am a more productive Sr. Sales Manager!

Iris Metcalf BBFC-TT Mar 01, 2011
I love paper tiger because, I like feeling in control. I like being able to quickly locate what I'm looking for, especially when my boss asks for it! Paper Tiger reduces my stress level because I don't have to say, "Wait, let me find it."

Eva GAP Livorno Mar 01, 2011
I Love Paper Tiger because I really can find every kind of document in only some seconds. I am usually very organized on my own, but Paper Tiger helps me to mantain this level of order every day.

Alicia Vaughn Homeward Bound Inc. Feb 28, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because I have at least 5 individuals who are constantly filing and pulling files daily. Although filing alpha is easily managed for smaller offices like ours, we deal with so many sub catagories and branches of any one entity. The fact that we can search by keyword is a huge convenience. And in the event that our servers or computers go down, we have a hard copy of our filing labels so that we may easily access files at any time. Homeward Bound Inc is the first organization I have ever worked for to use Paper Tiger, and I'm a firm believer that every organization with a complex filing system would greatly benefit from this product.

Delano Jennings Quality Spray Feb 25, 2011
Paper Tiger is worth a try. They eliminate the paper and free up time to use on making your business succeed not dealing with paperwork. Also Eco Friendly!

Delano Jennings Quality Spray Feb 25, 2011
Try Paper Tiger, they removed the clutter from my desk and I know they can help you too.

Sarah Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre Feb 25, 2011
I started a new job in a Community Health centre and they had no system in place at all for keeping track of their filing.... I trialled many programs for use as a tracking system and Paper Tiger was the only one that had all of the capabilities I needed. It is very easy to use & is working well for me! :o)

Jomar T. Sadie Bessie Mati Designs Feb 24, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because I can take my office with me wherever I go.

Martik Martik-Scorp Feb 22, 2011
This is first time I see Paper Tiger and I think it's awesome. I register and enjoy being Paper Tiger!

Mary Lou Cole Garden Fresh Vegetables Feb 09, 2011
"Got Milk?" is like asking "Got Clutter?" - - most everyone does! Paper Tiger software is truly the way to tame the clutter and ensure the "milk" isn't out-of-date. How many times have you looked for the piece of paper that you KNOW you have.....somewhere; but you need it NOW, not later. Paper Tiger is effortless (once implemented) and at the click of a mouse, you have your document in your hand. Perfect! Easy enough to use; even my boss can find what he needs too. I LOVE it! Thank you for helping make me look good!

Richards Richards Construction Feb 08, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it has allowed me to gain control of my paperwork and get a life back.

Jennifer Phillips Feb 04, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it is easy to use and does a great job with organizing even for the completely organizationally challenged. I introduced my friend to Paper Tiger for her small business and now she actually has time to spend with me or her family, instead of diving through all of the receipts and paperwork! Thank You!

Mark Calloway Jan 31, 2011
I purchased the Paper Tiger program about 10 years ago. I used it extensively. It really is an outstanding program.

Susie Rankin Retired Jan 25, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it has gotten me organized and keeps my important papers where I can find them so easily.

Sonia Astwood Human Affairs Jan 24, 2011
I love the Paper Tiger because it organizes my hundreds of files with out any major effort.

Laney Huff Raitz Properties, Inc. Jan 21, 2011
We began using Paper Tiger ten years ago this month. Without a doubt, it is the most efficient and effective filing system in the world. We recently converted to the online version which is even better! It is simple to use and saves so much time for general filing and ... especially ... for retrieval! Can't wait for the version that will do the same for our digital files. Keep up the great work Paper Tiger Team!

Andrew Bein Active Inquiry Jan 18, 2011
I love the freedom to be creative without worrying about filing until later - and then having Paper Tiger make it so easy to take that step.

Kevin Wilson Hailika'as Heiltsuk Health Centre Jan 11, 2011
I love Paper Tiger because it has been a time saver when it comes to finding archived documents within our organization. We have been using Paper Tiger for the past five years now. We have an onsite refresher every year. Paper Tiger has allowed us to sort out paper duplication. Now when it comes to finding a piece of paper, it literally takes less than 5 seconds. I love this software and encourage everyone to give it a try. Kevin Wilson, Office Manager, Bella Bella, British Columbia, Canada.

Barb Roberts Jan 04, 2011
Paper Tiger is the one application that I cannot live without. I'm a Mac person, yet I have a PC just for Paper Tiger (Windows desktop version) because it allows me to organize the way I think. I now, literally, can find anything in seconds or minutes. My paper life and my house organization were overwhelming to keep track of. Not only did I have my own business and personal paperwork and stuff to track, but because of two deaths in the family, I had the estate and probate paperwork to track for two estates. Paper Tiger allowed me to easily file and find all my paperwork and to track all the deadlines. So excited about the online version!! Thank you Paper Tiger.

Wendell Spencer NCAS, LLC Dec 31, 2010
I really enjoy paper tiger because it saves me huge amounts of time. The cross referencing helps me find an item in just seconds and the ability to put in key words to remind me is invaluable to me. I am looking forward to the day I can scan my papers into paper tiger so I have just one place to look. It is by far the best system I have ever seen to organize paper ever!

Ethan Sweeps Sweeps Int'l Dec 30, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because it benefits both my life AND my business!

Douglas A. Heydon Capitol Space Consulting Dec 29, 2010
I am a notoriously unorganized paper collector - just ask my wife or secretary. Paper Tiger is the first, and only, system I've found that lets me keep track of all the different types of documents and papers I use, and even helps me find the elusive software CD or instruction booklet that usually gets misplaced. I can index anything, and that cannot be done with systems that require scanning into an electronic file. PT combines the best of physical and electronic filing and finding.

Wendy Klemka Dec 29, 2010
I have a lot going on at all times and have a difficult time staying organized - Paper Tiger system is awesome.

Tim Burridge Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger saves me time EVERY DAY! I can't remember where I put statements, records, personal info. Paper Tiger does though, so I'm set! Perfect!

Joyce Kelly Architectural Fusion Dec 29, 2010
What is my alarm master code? Where's Aunt Non's pumpkin pie recipe? Which graphics card did I install in my computer? Who did I make charitable contributions to last year? When is my registration renew date? How do I find the words to express how useful Paper Tiger has been for me?

Geri Mosey University of Nevada, Reno Dec 29, 2010
I work in a government office where Paper Tiger filing system was already in use. After 5 years, I’ve found this system to be a life saver, a boost to my confidence, to access files without having to learn a new filing system. We’ve purchased upgrades & I plan to purchase/use it when I move to another office. I recommend it for any office, government or private sector. I love it and can't imagine how I could function without it.

Monica Donnelly Dec 29, 2010
I couldn't have survived a 6 year high court contested divorce without the system. You don't have to think and when you're emotional and stressed you can't.

Cindy Borgen Dec 29, 2010
I love Paper Tiger. I have been using it for years. Prior to Paper Tiger, I spent hours looking through piles of documents, sometimes afraid to file them away in fear that I wouldn't remember where they were filed. Now there are no worries, the search engine allows me to find documents with ease. The report option allows my husband to find documents without having to use the computer. We have over 200 files and the system really does work. I recommend it to all my colleagues and friends.

Lesa Dixon-Gray Oregon State Government Dec 29, 2010
I love my Paper Tiger - I'm an extremely disorganized person (still haven't conquered the "Messy Desk Syndrome"), but constantly impress and amaze my managers about being able to locate files easily. I'd be a total wreck without y'all! Thanks!

Karen Mielke Medical/Legal Consulting Dec 29, 2010
I can't even remember life before Paper Tiger! Filing is quick and finding things is even faster. Making changes and cleaning up files is painless. Horrible tasks like taxes and credentialing are made so easy when everything is just a click and a step away.

Robin Daniels Dec 29, 2010
Before Paper Tiger, our office files were a mess! My husband would file under one category, and I would file the same information under another category. Since we started using Paper Tiger about 5 years ago, there is never a question on where to find a file or even a piece of paper. Now we can hire someone to do our filing since it is so easy. Thank you!

Nickie Weaver Irving Independent School District Dec 29, 2010
I have used Paper Tiger for several years, starting as a single user and then installing the network version for 2 departments. I am always impressed by how quickly and easily I am able to locate whatever I need from my files using Paper Tiger. I am a grant writer, and I seem to attract mounds of paper in my "paperless" office. Thank you, Paper Tiger, for helping to keep me sane!

Rev. John A. Nelson Niantic Community Church Dec 29, 2010
This filing system is the only one that has begun to tame the wilderness of 13 years of collected papers.

Glyn Avonlea Foundation Dec 29, 2010
I have been using Paper Tiger for years and I'm very, very satisfied with it. We are total mac user's and had a PC only to run Paper Tiger. Now I have been totally liberated with Paper Tiger Online. Awesome product!

Peter McGinness Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust Dec 29, 2010
With a vast diversity of references and general documents incoming in my Medicines Information department, and being a one man band in the UK National Health Service, Paper Tiger has provided a means to manage the paper load and work-flow. Not saying that there are not more complex paper based filing systems out there, but whatever your filing system Paper Tiger makes filing and refiling a breeze.

Dan Grandstaff Win With People, Inc. Dec 29, 2010
I've been using Paper Tiger for years to keep track of all my files. Because I'm a writer, coach, and consultant, I have lots of materials that are hard to categorize, but Paper Tiger makes it easy to file and find anything. I can assign as many keywords as I want to a file, so I'm always able to find things because I don't have to remember what folder I put it in.

George Raphael Consulting Group Dec 29, 2010
Innovative, clear, time saving, cost effective. What more could you ask for in a Tiger.

Cheryl Marr ERA Rocklin Real Estate Dec 29, 2010
I've used Paper Tiger for years in my business and have found it to be a real life saver when it comes to managing all paperwork.

Debbie Oppie Desired Reflections Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has been my filing system for several years. Truly I can find any document in a few seconds.

Nancy Tirello Caring Heart Companions Dec 29, 2010
I purchased Paper Tiger years ago when I was involved in a start up birth center in Florida. The first Christian one in the nation, opened in 2007. Paper Tiger was perfect for keeping all the documents, start up projects, licensing, vendors, etc., in a retrievable manner. I would recommend it to anyone, business or private.

Louie Salazar West County Assembly of God Dec 29, 2010
I do two major jobs at our church. Both jobs are totally unrelated, which makes organization in one office a nightmare. Paper Tiger completely revolutionized the way I file information and put everything I need a mouse click away. This is the best system, by far, that I've ever used.

Dr. Ross L Taylor Retired Dec 29, 2010
Long term user of Paper Tiger. I have always appreciated the quick retrieval of information, but never more than when I get that dreaded letter from the IRS when they announce that an audit is being scheduled. It has paid for itself many times over, in saved accounting costs during the course of an audit.

Ruth Massengale R & R Trucking Dec 29, 2010
I love my Paper Tiger & am so glad I could upgrade to the newest Professional version! I use it every day & have recommended it to all my collegues!!

Steven Urich Sytek Dec 29, 2010
I used to put important papers on the top of my desk where they would be covered by other important papers. I did not file them because I was worried that if I did I would never find them again. I now file my papers as I trust Paper Tiger to find my important, can't lose papers.

JD Dec 29, 2010
Using Paper Tiger has cut our document research time substantially. We know what we have and where it is. Brilliant.

Rafael Ragoca Development Dec 29, 2010
I have been a user of Paper Tiger Software for more than 10 years and it has been the best tool for handling filing and information.

Avani Patel Pearl Real Estate Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has helped me in getting more organized in keeping track of all the paper files. It is a great system for any size of business or personal filing. I highly recommend this product to my friends and family as well as business associates.

Dina L Peterson Income Property Specialists Dec 29, 2010
Love Paper Tiger! I never lose paperwork anymore and when the boss comes looking for something, I can open up Paper Tiger and bam....there is it.

Annelise Spees MD Doctors Medical Group of Colorado Springs Dec 29, 2010
I have been using Paper Tiger software for over a year. I admit that I have not fully implemented the system, but the areas where I have are so much easier to access than before. I highly recommend this system to bring sanity to the paper piles!

Darline DeMott National Association of Community Health Centers Dec 29, 2010
I've been using Paper Tiger for over ten years to manage and archive the central files for our association. I love having a giant "search engine" for my documents! We have upgraded a few times and added users - but a web-based version is great news! I sometimes work from home and travel, and it would be fabulous to be able to access my Paper Tiger database!

Beverly Hamile Contra Costa Small Business Development Center Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger filing system is wonderful to use! It makes finding and returning documents painless.

Lance Andrewsen Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Dec 29, 2010
I couldn't live without Paper Tiger. For many years, I struggled with the stacks and piles, always losing things and having to go through them to find documents or files. Now after using Paper Tiger for years, I feel more relaxed and less stressed as I know I can find anything I have filed. The software is easy to use and powerful in its benefits. Thank you!

Charlie W Henry TX Farm Bureau Ins Co Dec 29, 2010
I have used Paper Tiger for several years, and when I remember to use it, it works great. When I don't use the system, my paper tiger bites hard. Thanks for continuing support in your product line.

Janice Southern California Christian Academy Dec 29, 2010
Clearly, I’m not a naturally organized person. Yet Paper Tiger brought measurable stress reduction and peace to my home business, along with a savings of time. Gone are the multitudinous stacks of paper. Stacks which I invariably had to shuffle for many minutes each day to find that "last minute" bit of information for someone. Ugh, the memory is painful. Paper Tiger brought tangible relief to the mental and physical stress of filing. Now I can effortlessly find anything and everything.

Robert Castanaro EZMedware Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger is the ONLY way for me to stay organized in my business and keep me from being forced to go on the "Hoarders" show.

Gwen Dec 29, 2010
I love Paper Tiger filing system. I can't tell you how many times I would know that I had something filed...but never to be found again. I use it both at home and at work. The real test of it's beauty was last year, when a guest at my house was asking me about some antiques. I happened to have a newspaper article. I casually said to my friend, "hold on, let me get you this article"...I went upstairs, opened my filing system and my fingertips.

Judith Glover Judith Gleason Glover, Artist Dec 29, 2010
I love Paper Tiger for both home and business, and I have been using it for almost as long as it has been around. A personal coach, Maria Ikenberry, first told me about it.

Liz Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger is really a tiger when it comes to filing, it is so great to cross reference things too.

Chris Brewer America's Incredible Pizza Company Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has slashed my paper mess down to manageable levels. I've been a Paper Tiger fan for years!

Thomas Thornton Formore LLC Dec 29, 2010
I used to keep piles of paper work on my desk and on the top of my file cabinets, so I could find them. It not only didn't work, it soon became impossible to find items of importance. What started out to be "A's " soon became "A through Fs". The new online system sounds too good to be true for me. I have homes in two states and travel. Now away from the office locating those important papers online for someone else will be easy.

Ellen S. Perry ESPecially Organized Dec 29, 2010
I love Paper Tiger software! I've been working for over 20 years. Lost papers & desks piled high have always been tough to deal with whether the company is large or small. Paper Tiger resolves that problem by allowing people to find the file they need when they need them. I also believe it will be a great asset to my clients who are Chronically Disorganized. They can use it for ALL items, not just paper, and thereby enabling them to stay better organized!!

Kendal Seward Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has been with us since 2003 and we are truly happy customers. I have created files for my ebay purchases & even one file to put those little flier notices that come around where people are advertising a new business or a new restaurant and I keep them in a file. Oh so many uses. Many Thanks for creating this very usable solution to an ongoing challenge.

Cindy Swan Bermuda International Professional Organizing Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger Software is one of the best inventions since sliced bread. Once the tiger is fed, all data will be found - be it files, music, library books or anything you need to retrieve...

Ruth Woodliff-Stanley AIR Consulting Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger is the easiest, most intuitive way to organize all your paper. I have loved it for years and am thrilled about the new internet version!

Natalie Conrad Organized Habits Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger software is a life saver! I love how I can access anything I need from my files by knowing exactly which file to go to. I have also used Paper Tiger software to catalog books and CD's for my clients. I even use it to organize my daughter's special education reports and plans! It is very simple to use and has many applications for use - personally and professionally!

Mike Mehring Full Gospel Church Dec 29, 2010
I have used Paper Tiger since Version 1 and it is the best filing system I can imagine! So glad to have attended a seminar with Barbara and got into the Paper Tiger family. It is worth all the effort. Join the family!

Dee Dec 29, 2010
I have used Paper Tiger for several years and it truly is a timesaver!

Dr. Marc Kossmann PersonalSuccess Marketing Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger is simple and brilliant. The breakthrough is in understanding that the important thing is quick retrieval, not fancy or elaborate filing. Thanks for creating a system that works the way the human brain actually works.

Jeanine Davis Davis Painting, Inc. Dec 29, 2010
I love the Paper Tiger. It's a simple, and easy to use and super efficient way to file and EASILY retrieve documents--you should try it!

Laura Roquemore Dec 29, 2010
During recent litigation, Paper Tiger was priceless as it enabled us to have immediate instant access to all of the documents needed to prevail. People kept remarking how organized I was... the secret... it's the Paper Tiger!

Kathrin Egner The Sikes Group Dec 29, 2010
We grew rapidly from 2005 until now. During 2005, files kept "magically" disappearing. My administrative assistants could never find anything again that they had filed. It took us about three weeks to convert everything into Paper Tiger. I also encouraged everyone to use very descriptive keywords so that anyone could find a filed document. Our office since has become very efficient partly thanks to Paper Tiger. I recommend it highly to anyone who is looking for a great filing solution.

Susan Korn Coldwell Banker Dec 29, 2010
I have been buried with papers and as a realtor, must be able to find something dependably -- whether client-connected or informational for clients or for my own personal business. Paper Tiger has made my filing system easy to do and has saved me a number of times already in finding exactly what I need quickly. I'm really interested in the online version since I'm working from 2 different locations and need to synchronize my Paper Tiger between the two systems.

Rafael Continental Investments Dec 29, 2010
Have used Paper Tiger since 1999 and very happy with the product. We use it for the office filing system, as well as personal filling system and we are looking forward to the Online version.

Sandra Dec 29, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because it solves my paper filing problems!

Dave Anderson Dec 29, 2010
I have always had an issue with filing things away and remembering what file I placed the paper in. (By Subject, category) Later I was told I was dyslexic. Now I have been using Paper Tiger for more than ten years. I can find my filed papers in seconds; never stress out over the subject. My files are easy to create and simple to change and expand. The software over the years has been refined and improved. Now with online video tips and guidance has been a nice addition. Well done!

Barb Roberts Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger is the one application that I cannot live without. I'm a Mac person, yet I have a PC just for Paper Tiger because it allows me to organize the way I think. I now, literally, can find anything in seconds or minutes. So excited about online version!! Thank you Paper Tiger!

Jay P Wedeliver PTE LTD Dec 29, 2010
I work in the construction industry and there are lots of documents that need to be properly filed and catalogued. I see Paper Tiger software as a very useful resource to manage and organize the multitude of paperwork I face on a daily basis in a productive and efficient manner.

Sharon White Bedside Notes, LLC Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger is a life saving filing system. With so much data that we need to collect - it helps us to make sure the paper and article gets filed away TO BE FOUND AGAIN! No longer do I have duplicate similar files named automobile, car, or warranty. The system helps me know where to file through the keyword search. A must have product!

Leon Christensen Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger simplifies finding anything I need to store, short term or long term.

Morris Kaufman Financial Design Partners Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger really does save time. It also enables me to feel comfortable with the idea that I can find what I need, when I need it, to meet my clients' needs!

Annie K. Dec 29, 2010
I have used this software now for more than 2 years and it has made finding documents a breeze!

Mary Rodowicz Dec 29, 2010
Very easy, convenient!! excellent source for filing your taxes!!! A++++++

Katy Morris Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has changed the way I work - for the better! My desk is clean now and free of paper clutter. Those stacks of paper in my outbox have disappeared! Thanks, Paper Tiger!

Claudia Paris Dec 29, 2010
I have ADHD and Paper Tiger allows me to focus and not be so scattered. I use it for paper filing, project management, action lists and more. Even with filing objects on shelf's, drawers, etc., it comes in very handy. I interviewed 20 organizing people and the one I decided on used Paper Tiger and taught me more uses. I figure any Organizer who doesn't know Paper Tiger doesn't know anything.

Laura Kahn self employed Dec 29, 2010
You have the best filing system I've seen so far. It's very organized. It's really great that you offer a free option.

Kimberly Kelly-Sydow Dec 29, 2010
I love The Paper Tiger's indexing can get even the most disorganized person decluttered!

Diane Vescio UPMC Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger Document Management and Filing System Software has helped us out a lot at work. This simple indexing system for the hanging files in our filing cabinet have kept us very organized!

Robert Fettes Plus 1 Pizza Dec 29, 2010
I was a disorganized mess until I started using Paper Tiger, now I am organized and know where all my stuff is (papers, books, dvd's, cd's, etc. etc.)

Steven Hutt WMS, Inc Dec 29, 2010
We are new users and so far you are making it easy to learn the systems and navigate the site. We intend to "Paper Tiger" our office and refer others.

John Gehm Restorative Practices Group Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger was a birthday gift from my future wife. When she asked me what I wanted (we'd only been dating for three months) I said, "I don't know. I always like to get things I didn't know I needed." When she saw my office for the first time, she gave me Paper Tiger and an hour of consultant time. That was in May. We were engaged in July. And married in August. Ask me where my marriage license is? Reference File 44! Awesome.

Sue Vaughn Dec 29, 2010
I'm a teacher and can't imagine finding materials without Paper Tiger. Thank goodness for Paper Tiger!

Matthew Udland UMKC Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has really helped streamline the papers in my office!

Kristin Thomsen Dec 29, 2010
I believe that this program will be of great help to organizing the church's physical files and that this is perfect for keeping the files organized in a useful way that will be usable by anyone in the church, and also future pastors and secretaries of the church. No need to make a new filing system when the Tiger tracks your files for you.

Barbara Lopatin Dec 29, 2010
There's nothing better to get your paper monster under control than Paper Tiger. Thanks guys!

Marsha Sell Coldwell Banker Dec 29, 2010
Without a doubt, this is the best system for keeping track of any and everything. This truly is the best system I've found for being able to keep track of important documents that you may only need occasionally, but can put your fingers on in a minute! I couldn't do without it! It's fantastic.

Anne Barry self-employed artist Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has simplified all my filing, from credit card bills to photographs of my art work. I even used it to itemize all the boxes and files and holiday dinner ware and party supplies stored in the garage, a hodgepodge of furniture, books, papers, memorabilia and extra household supplies. Whether it's apples or oranges, Paper Tiger sorts it all out, so nothing is ever again lost in plain sight. I can retrieve anything in about ten seconds.

Cort Curtis A Change in Thinking Dec 29, 2010
This is a great software if you want to finally END all of your filing frustrations

Larry Davis Security Plus Dec 29, 2010
I have been using "Paper Tiger" for 10 years - I love it!

Kristin Thomsen Home Office Dec 29, 2010
I have been bedridden for several years and have left my bed to paper everywhere. My aid workers and I are excited to use this tool so that all of us can work together to get my files organized again! I am looking forward to having an easier way to find what I want in my file cabinets without having to remember what file made the most sense to me at the time. This is exciting stuff and well worth the time and effort!

S. Marusic ViComputers Dec 29, 2010
The online version of The Paper Tiger is going to revolutionize the way we manage paper in our office. The system is so easy to use and keep updated that anyone coming into the office on a temporary assignment can easily find what I need in an efficient way. No more hunting though stacks of paper looking for the item I need. Well done Monticello Corporation, I think you have a real winner here!

Ted Nicolaou MPS Dec 29, 2010
We've been using Paper Tiger's Network Filing System at my medical office and we couldn't be happier. Not only does it save time allowing patients to be seen quicker since the office is running smoother, but employees are more efficient with this filing system! I will be recommending your software to everyone I know! Thanks for making my life so much easier!

Foresteen Forbes Dec 29, 2010
I love being able to find a paper immediately. I love, love, love the paper tiger.

Judy Weaver Visalia Life Coach Dec 29, 2010
I have been using Paper Tiger since the early 90's when a company I was consulting for installed it. I am a genealogist and I cannot imagine how my life would be if I had to keep 400 individual names in alpha order when I continually add new files. I would be moving files constantly. With Paper Tiger, it is simply a matter of adding a new cabinet and locations and I can add any folder regardless of the name and easily find it.

Gary Allen Certified Executive Chef (retired) Dec 29, 2010
I began using Paper Tiger to help me keep my Tax records ready for my Tax preparer. I'm finding new ways to organize my office and library to be able to find documents, and books, when I need them. This is not easy for me, because I have an anoxic brain injury from having received the wrong anesthesia during surgery. So, now I have a severe short term memory deficit. I've installed PT on my laptop, so I can take it with me around the office and my home to index things so I can find them later.

Robert Juska Juska FTG Florist Dec 29, 2010
I have been using Paper Tiger since you started and it’s the best filing system anyone could use.

Isabelle Daudy self-employed Dec 29, 2010
Simply the easiest filing system in existence! I switched to Mac about a year ago and so missed my Paper Tiger that I had to buy a Windows notebook, which I use exclusively for my Paper Tiger! Now, thank God, the new online version solves all my problems.

Susan Belcher Dec 29, 2010
I had PT for 2 yrs & wasn't using it. After being diagnosed w/adult ADD, I researched some websites for Adult ADD organization support & found PT software was highly recommended with support using their trained consultants. 3 years ago I went to the website and found a PT consultant. Just using her support & training over the phone for a few sessions has totally changed my life. She was able to get my office, home, computer & life back to order. Thanks PT for keeping me & my family sane.

Dorsey Ruhland PPDI Dec 29, 2010
Paper Tiger is a life saver for a former "pile filer". I am an out-of-sight, out-of-mind person, so having piles was comforting on one hand, but on the other hand, did not instill confidence when people looked at my office. Paper Tiger gives me great peace of mind knowing that I can find anything in a few seconds and people do not look so leery when entering my office. Thank you Paper Tiger!

Susan Rosner Calder Associates Dec 27, 2010
Life Changing. That's how I describe Paper Tiger. Knowing that I can find anything in 5 seconds in my very busy work and life, gives me a peace of mind that frees up time and space for me to be extraordinarily productive. I am often asked, how do you get so much done and how do you keep your desk so clear? When I tell them that Paper Tiger is my secret, they are skeptical...until they try it for themselves! Yup, it is life changing.

Jeanine Davis Dec 18, 2010
I love the Paper Tiger because it really is a simple filing system and a great way to REALLY organize other words: I can file things and actually retrieve them (easily)!

Alissa City of Stayton Dec 14, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because it has helped our office organize our paper files and become more efficient in finding what we need.

Rebecca Lassiter Dec 09, 2010
I like this product because it gets rid of these towering paper files. Thank You!

Kay Vinsand Dec 07, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because it keeps all my genealogy documents in a way I can access them within seconds and only a couple touches of the keyboard. A genealogy must!

Rebekah Dec 02, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because it saves me so much time!

Gray Thornburg ODW Nov 29, 2010
Paper Tiger has freed me from the "filing stenosis" that has plagued me for years. Now I can file easily without the worries of "where do I file it in the first place so that I can find it later...?"

Delano Jennings Quality Spray Nov 28, 2010
If your desk is cluttered like mine is, then Paper Tiger can help. No more struggling to find that needle in a haystack. Paper Tiger takes care of the work so you can spend your time on better things!

Delano Jennings Quality Spray Nov 26, 2010
If you are like me and procrastinate about filing paperwork away, check out Paper Tiger. This filing system will manage the paper and let you run your business.

Delano Jennings Quality Spray Nov 26, 2010
Paper Tiger has allowed me to see what my desk looks like now without the stacks of paper everythere!

Wade Triplett Nov 23, 2010
The Paper Tiger is amazing!! I love Paper Tiger because it makes filing so much easier.

Richard Nov 19, 2010
All I can say is that it is definitely the "BEST" and probably the only way to keep people like myself who have ADD organized!!

Richard Nov 19, 2010
All I can say is that it is definately the best and probably the only way to keep people like myself who have ADD organized!!

E Kaare KabinFeverKreations Nov 19, 2010
Paper Tiger has given me a new found freedom! Taking a very short time to input info to its database now helps me be able to answer the question "Honey, where is....?" As we age, our memory doesn't retain all the details it used to and having Paper Tiger has helped me with the frustration level of not remembering that I moved item a to point b! Thank you, thank you!

Jesse Mathey D.S. Brown Nov 19, 2010
I've been using Paper Tiger for over two years and love it! Before I had this software, I spent a lot of time looking for files. Our entire engineering department is now using Paper Tiger. We can find files that were stored years ago by someone who has since retired without even searching. This software is a MUST HAVE for anyone who has paperwork.

Sondra Finkbeiner Execussistant Nov 19, 2010
I have been using Paper Tiger since it first came out to help clients organize their lives. I am an online Executive Assistant. Paper Tiger filing system software and concepts have made providing administrative support easier, more efficient and definitely more organized. Thank you for the Web based version!! Paper Tiger rocks!

Pete McGinness Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust Nov 19, 2010
Having used Paper Tiger at home and cut down the space needed to store paper copies, I installed it at work too....thousands of hard copies later and I can still easily find and manage the paper load. Know what you have in your paper store and keep it relevant. It's the bee's knees.

Ann Garvey St. Rose Center Nov 19, 2010
It's easy for me to send a testimonial for the Paper Tiger Product. I LOVE IT! I found it several years ago and have used it since as my means of tracking paperwork through our agency and have coded it so that it pulls documents for our CARF accreditation standards. I would be lost without it. I don't have much of a memory, but Paper Tiger allows me to use its resource to do important searches and reports.

Connie Smith Nov 19, 2010
Fast, economic and fits any business need if you plan on being in the race as the most efficient and practical thinker in the business world. If you work for a manager that is on the move, up to date and needs information at a moments notice, then the Paper Tiger Filing System Software is for you.

Theresa Brennan Brennan Legal Services Nov 19, 2010
I have used Paper Tiger since I opened my law office 8 years ago, and it is definitely one of the best investments I ever made. It's so easy to use and keeps us organized. We can find exactly what we're looking for in an instant. I never even considered any other filing software.

Deb Colling Professional Learning Alternatives, Inc. Nov 19, 2010
This system was recommended by a colleague. After some hesitation, our use of Paper Tiger has dramatically reduced the amount of paper in our office and has truly made everything easier to locate.

Richard Hendrickson A1 Surface Solutions Nov 19, 2010
Our small business was getting buried with paper. Purchasing Paper Tiger was the best investment of the year. We not only use the system to file our paper work, but we have organized our inventory, videos, CD, and even cleaned up the storage area of the garage. Great Product Thank You

Gwen Miller Nov 19, 2010
Well...the true test of Paper Tiger for me was at a cocktail party...a guest of ours was asking about an antique clock we had. Of course, I couldn't remember the details of it...but said, hold on, my mom sent me some information about it years ago. Ran up the stairs, opened Paper Tiger...pulled out some information from years ago...and voila! Never in my life would I have been able to pull that off. Incredible. I love your product!

Jayne Harper Nov 18, 2010
I have fallen in love with Paper Tiger! I started my new job in August 2009 and the files from my predecessor sat in cardboard boxes for 9 months...I kept meaning to "get to them" but they were overwhelming. I read Barbara's Paper Tiger at Work book and then signed up for the electronic system and my life has never been as organized! My home files are under construction now :o) Thanks Paper Tiger!

Gail Swanstrom Nov 16, 2010
I loved how simple it was to use your filing system. It is a great product for both companies and home use!

Chad Schaeffer SCSB Nov 16, 2010
Paper Tiger helped me organize my files and vastly increased my productivity during the day.

Diane Wilson Capital Area MPO Nov 16, 2010
Paper Tiger has streamlined our office unbelievably! Thank you!

Kimberly Beetlestone IMS Nov 16, 2010
I love the Paper Tiger! It's so great! It's the perfect solution if you want to be organized all the time. You are able to find things at the click of a button.

Pam Berry CJI Nov 16, 2010
This is the best system for confidentiality of my work and employee documents, especially for anyone who works in the human resources and finance area!

Jackie Gilde City of Seaside Nov 16, 2010
This program has helped me organize project records going back 40-50 years. So user friendly and easy to learn. We love the Paper Tiger!

Victoria Lester Nov 16, 2010
Paper Tiger has helped our small office get organized. Document storage and retrieval has never been more easy. I have saved so much time and money using Paper Tiger and I'm more organized.

RKS Studio House Nov 16, 2010
This is a great app for a very small business. I spend less time doing filing and more time increasing inventory and sales.

Karen Mead Verging On Nov 16, 2010
Paper Tiger is a revolutionary way to solve all your filing needs. It keeps me free from clutter and able to access anything I need, at any time.

Tracy Wilson Special Olympics Summer Games Nov 16, 2010
For years I've had to dig through stacks that pile up on my desk. That's no longer the case, thanks to Paper Tiger.

John Leighton BCRC British Columbia Railway Corporation Nov 16, 2010
The Paper Tiger filing system is exceptionally powerful and beneficial in managing all our files and records. We quickly retrieve items regardless of who filed them or where they are filed. It is simple and easy to use. If I was ever starting up another company or moving to another firm or even for a home office, I would strongly recommend adopting the Paper Tiger system for all files and records.

Delano Jennings Quality Spray Nov 16, 2010
Paper Tiger gets rid of the paper stacks and does the work for you. CHECK IT OUT!!

Delano Jennings Quality Spray Nov 16, 2010
Paper Tiger has removed the clutter from my desk, I feel so naked with a clean desk.

Bill Ardle Schneider's Florist Nov 11, 2010
I run a small business, flower shop, and my personal life and business life are closely tied together. I have had a network version of Paper Tiger at work and a single user version at home. Now I have the web version of the Paper Tiger where I can look at both the home and work files from either location. The Paper Tiger is a great tool, but the web version of Paper Tiger is FANTASTIC!

Elaine City of Mobile Nov 10, 2010
I have made a believer out of my boss. He could not believe how quickly I could retrieve a file.

Victoria Lester Home Business Nov 10, 2010
Paper Tiger helps keep my home office organized and that's what make us successful.

Mike Mehring Full Gospel Church, Walworth, WI Nov 09, 2010
I have been using Paper Tiger since Version 1 when I heard Barbara Hemphill speak at a store in my area. I even bought her book on Taming the Paper Tiger at Work. I have loved the program since day 1. It keeps getting better. It keeps the church well organized. Thanks. Pastor Mike Mehring

Elaine Simpson City of Mobile Nov 09, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because of the time it saves me and it is almost impossible to misfile. I am a true believer!

Margaret Scheideler University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nov 03, 2010
I am crazy about Paper Tiger. We were using an older version until earlier this year when we decided to get the online version. My boss loves it! If the boss is happy, I am happy! Paper Tiger made my life a whole lot easier. Searching for files is a piece of cake. If I happen to be out of the office, my boss can easily search for something she needs. Thank you Paper Tiger!

Caryl Schiff-Greatorex CSU-AAUP Nov 03, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because my desk is uncluttered, I don't have to go searching for files anymore and when my colleagues are looking for something they can look in my database as well and don't have to ask me for help!

R T Quigley ProDisCo., Inc. Nov 03, 2010
Can it possibly be since 1995 that I have been using my original version of The Paper Tiger? Yes, and mostly self-taught since the program is so intuitive.

Gail Steger Mock Juice Plus+ for Health Nov 02, 2010
I love the Paper Tiger because I have been so disorganized for so long that I didn't know where to begin. Once I got the system in place, it was so much easier for me.

Kathleen Creative Consulting Nov 02, 2010
One of my favorite uses for The Paper Tiger is to capture all my "notes to self" that I want to keep for future reference. A future business idea, a good online source for something I don't need right now, all the ideas and data that had cluttered my mind or my desk in the past. Now I just search a couple of key words and I can find anything in seconds!

Kevin McAllister Oct 31, 2010
This is the best software for organizing my home files! It's not just a program, it's a sure-fire system that helps me eliminate the clutter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kevin McAllister Victory Christian Academy Oct 31, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because it enables me to be much more efficient on a day-to-day basis. Thanks Paper Tiger!

Alan D My Atlanta Homes Oct 31, 2010
I am using Paper Tiger to tame the huge piles that have been littering my office.

Billy L Oct 29, 2010
Absolutely great product! I would be completely lost without it! Thanks!

Kathryn Shirley NC State University Women's Basketball Oct 29, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because we don't lose important documents any more! We know just where to look and anyone in the office can use this system. Better yet, we no longer have piles of paper on (or under) our desks waiting to be filed!

Rob SHR Properties, LLC Oct 28, 2010
Before Paper Tiger, I was my accountant's nightmare. I couldn't locate important papers hours after setting them down...Enter the Paper Tiger...I only had the software for a few months before my computer died and I went to Mac's and now I can finish what I started. I found it fantastic at locating when I did get into it. I'm looking forward to getting Paper Tiger up and rolling again with the Mac friendly online program.

Marcella Cook MarciMallow Oct 28, 2010
I received a beta copy of Paper Tiger and it has been really useful! I love that I can organize the directions and ring counts for my jewelry that I make. It's also incredibly easy to use. Thank you so much!

Kim Crabtree MetaOps, Inc Oct 28, 2010
I've used Paper Tiger for about a year. It has simplified our filing system and organization dramatically. Once you use Paper Tiger, you will be so dependent on it. It free's the brain from worry about where things are and it empowers others to put things away. The new online version is awesome and is now available at any desk in the office. Thanks for this new tool.

Jeanne Hink The Right Sort, LLC Oct 28, 2010
Paper Tiger is the greatest! As a professional organizer, I use it in residences, home offices and business settings. I've found it to be universally easy to use, easy explain, and helps everyone find what they need when they need it!

Elizabeth Robinson University of Phoenix Oct 28, 2010
Paper Tiger has removed my ambivalence when a document seems to belong in more than one file at once.

Louie Salazar West County Assembly of God Oct 28, 2010
I have two jobs at the church where I work. I am the Church Administrator and Minister of Music. These are two very different jobs with entirely different kinds of materials, data and filing needs. I had tried several methods of filing information and had almost given up and resigned myself to two separate systems. The Paper Tiger gave me exactly what I was looking for. Now my hundreds of files are available to me in an instant. I use the search feature constantly, with excellent results. My fellow staff members are amazed at how accessible information is available to them through my office. The Paper Tiger has been a great tool for me.

Val Lane Oct 28, 2010
Been using PT for several years, have organized almost everything...i.e., paper, Christmas decorations in rubbermaids, cds, books, extra storaged items, boxes when I moved to a new home, it's a fantastic program!

Charles DBRA, LLC Oct 28, 2010
Taming the paper tiger without losing some stripes can be challenging, to say the least! Numbering documents and indexing them is the key to its simplicity. Being able to search based on any keyword, just like Google, makes the system so easy. Finding the number of the document and its location is a snap and that's what makes Paper Tiger software so unique, and resourceful.

Asya Oct 28, 2010
I love Paper Tiger Software, because it makes my life easy and leaves me a lot of free time!

KD Gerald Oct 27, 2010
Paper Tiger has helped me tremendously by eliminating mountains of paper in my "ready to be filed" pile. Now that I've set up my categories, filing is super fast. I don't waste time deciding which manila folder to place items in! And retrieving a document is just as fast!

Tom Fulner Dynamark Graphics Group, Inc. Oct 27, 2010
Before Paper Tiger, I had only an idea where I filed things. After Paper Tiger, I know exactly where it is filed. Thanks Paper Tiger! You make me look good.

Lily Kretzschmar Homeschooling Mom Oct 27, 2010
I love Paper Tiger Online! As a homeschooling Mom, I can now manage my curriculum, lesson plans, and school books, all in a separate Paper Tiger Online Database. Using the system is like a gift I give to myself everyday. I can now honestly, say that I'm an organized person. Thank you, Paper Tiger!

Chris Watkins Chris Watkins Photography Oct 27, 2010
Paper Tiger is great because it allows me to easily find any DVD of my clients' images in my 3 albums of backup DVDs. Each album holds 180 DVDs. All I have to do is start typing their name or keyword in the search box and it tells me the album number and which slot it's in among the 180 in any album. Saves me time!!!

Lisa Goede Bear River Heritage Area Oct 27, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because now I can finally find anything I need! Years of stacked up papers, research, contacts are now being organized & used. I can be much more effective in my work & time management in my one-person office. Thank you!

Steffanie Chew Carver Elementary Academy Oct 27, 2010
I love the Paper Tiger because I can search for things by category if I am having difficulty remembering the name of the file!

Steffanie Chew Carver Elementary Academy Oct 27, 2010
I love the Paper Tiger because it prevents me from creating a number of different files for the same subject! and I do need help and prodding to clean out files!

DOLORES ALLEGUE Home user Oct 27, 2010
Finally this year, my paper mess is under control! Paper Tiger ended my big paper mess.

Ilena Kipnis Kipnis Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Oct 27, 2010
I love Paper Tiger!! I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 5 businesses, along with a charity organization and this is the one program that has helped me to organize ALL THOSE THINGS in a way that is easy, fast, any 4th grader can do it, and it has improved my marriage because it has ended the "I don't know where it is, I thought you had it??" argument everyday. When we look for kids papers for school, tax returns, plane tickets, school projects, EVERYTHING!! My office is organized, I can find all really important documents in seconds, and everything has a place, and it's private. For those of us who have people in our homes, including home offices, or teenage kids, etc. it keeps our documents private, and no one can "peek" at your financial records, because there are no labels on the folders, except for a number or code. IT'S AWESOME!! Once you start this program, you want to convert everything onto it. THANK YOU, PAPER TIGER PEOPLE!!!

Steve Goldfarb Goldfarb Law Office, P.A. Oct 24, 2010
Even with ADHD, I can still find everything.

Cohan Oct 23, 2010
I love paper tiger because I finally got organized and it is true that you can find something within 15 seconds. I am amazed at how easy it has made my life. I was scared to give up my filing system even though it didn't work--but at least all of my piles had names. Many were called Miscellaneous--who knows what they held. Now I can find things quickly and truthfully, it didn't take me all that long to put the whole thing together.

Bonnie Gardner Big Vision Oct 21, 2010
I started using Paper Tiger in 1997. It is my lifeline to all of my paper work. I love filing by number rather than alphabetic. Just makes so much sense.

Dave Anderson Decisive Career Activities Oct 21, 2010
I have always had an issue with filing things away and remembering what file I placed the paper in. (By Subject, category) Later I was told I was dyslexic. Now I have been using Paper Tiger for more than ten years. I can find my filed papers in seconds and never stress out over the subject. My files are easy to create and simple to change and expand. The software over the years has been refined and improved. Now with online video training, tips and guidance has been a nice addition. Well done!

L. Hood Oct 20, 2010
I love the Paper Tiger because it is the only truly logical way to file paper in a technological age! When filing alphabetically, one runs into SO many problems. One must remember what word was considered the most important word in order to know which letter of the alphabet to search. And forget about knowing this info if someone else filed the item for you! Even in offices where filing is highly standardized (like a doctor's office), much of the paper doesn't fall into the categories that are standardized. These are normally relegated to someone's desk, where you're back to the same alphabet problem. Paper Tiger eliminates many of these problems, while making your filing system more orderly. As long as all the keywords anyone can think of are entered regarding a file, you can be sure you can lay hands on it again! What a great way to clear your desk and STILL be confident you can find all of your important information! This is even more important in the age of the "cloud". I'm looking forward to the wonderful improvements we will see coming down the pike in Paper Tiger Online!

Janet Thirkettle AdamsLeeClark Oct 20, 2010
I love Paper Tiger, it has helped me become more organised and lets me know exactly where everything is. No more trying to remember where I filed something. I have even started to use it for storage at home so that I know where I've put items in the loft that we only use very occasionally. It's really great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to put their hands on what they want straight away.

Donny Holley Hilldale Baptist Church Oct 19, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because it helps me to be more efficient in finding my stuff. I have over 550 VHS tapes and DVD's cataloged, 300 audio CD's and MP3 files, plus more than 4 filing cabinets cataloged in Paper Tiger Professional. Now I am cataloging my library, which is over 10,000 volumes. It never occurred to me to use Paper Tiger Filing System Software to catalog them until I noticed another minister had done that. Before the year is over, I hope to have all of them in Paper Tiger. I know what time it has saved me finding audio and video material, now I am looking forward to finding the book I want in the same efficient manner. No more wishing where I put that book I need this week. Thanks for letting people know that it is useful and practical for more things than just paper files.

Michelle Markham Oct 19, 2010
This is the simplest, yet most comprehensive filing system ever. The ability to search by many keywords is so great. I am an adult with ADHD. As such, I love information, but paper is my enemy. It easily overtakes my space. With other filing systems, I was constantly trying to figure out how I was going to consolidate and label everything … but what would end up happening is that I would lose track of what I had – I could never get it just right. As the day would change, so would what I might think is the perfect file name for a certain item … but when I would want to find it – I couldn’t remember exactly what I filed it under, because in my mind, there are soooo many choices. Now I can just settle on something and use the keywords to my creative heart's content. I can change things without reworking the whole system too. Perfect. Paper is still a challenge for me, but this system provides a solution to make it possible to accommodate my changing needs.

Lily Kretzschmar Homeschooling Mom Oct 19, 2010
I love Paper Tiger Online! As a homeschooling Mom, I can now manage my curriculum, lesson plans, and school books, all in a separate Paper Tiger Online Database. Using the system is like a gift I give to myself everyday. I can now honestly, say that I'm an organized person. Thank you, Paper Tiger!

Tom Fulner Dynamark Graphics Group, Inc. Oct 19, 2010
Before Paper Tiger, I had only an idea where I filed things. After Paper Tiger, I know exactly where it is filed. Thanks Paper Tiger - you make me look like good.

Kate Rubin Theatre Artist Oct 19, 2010
I have been using Paper Tiger since 2004 and love the simplicity and ease of this amazing filing system. I am an actor and theatre teacher and have lots of paper (scripts, hand outs, programs, brochures, etc) and they all are stored in a few seconds!

Tom Gledhill Gledhill Properties, Inc. Oct 19, 2010
I began to use Paper Tiger Filing System Software (the Tiger) about a year after I started my own business. I have been in commercial Real Estate for 25 years and have participated in all facets of the industry from downtown tenant representation, through office leasing and industrial leasing & sales to the current concentration on land sales. Before the Tiger, I was always looking for loose ends. I might have a main file with the building information and another file with tenant information and site plans in a separate area, as well as large bulky proposals and studies in another cabinet. What a job to locate everything I needed for a meeting. With the Tiger, I’m just a click from knowing where I’ve hidden everything that relates to one or two key words. I am always showing and telling people they should be a Tiger user. I have also started cataloging video tapes, DVD’s and other media at home. And…support is super if you ever need it.

Carol Ward Thayer Companies Oct 19, 2010
I love this product! Working for a 2nd generation family company we have records that span many years – Paper Tiger was a Life Saver! Now instead of everyone having a file for something, we have combined them and everyone is working off the same page!

Lorna Rasmussen Oct 19, 2010
When I first heard about Paper Tiger, I was both skeptical and resistant. Skeptical because I couldn't believe that you could find anything in my office in 5 seconds and resistant because I imagined that it would take hours of excruciating work to create the system that could accomplish such a feat. I am a complete convert! It was easy and not at all time consuming to set the system up OR to maintain it. In five years, I have not changed a file label (something I was constantly doing before). I have proven to myself over and over again that I can find anything that I put into the system in less than 5 seconds. I even use it to amaze and amuse my colleagues by challenging them to ask me to find things. I have never not been able to do it. I thought of Paper Tiger as strictly for business, but I wanted to let you know that I am organizing my whole house using it. When we moved, I "Paper Tigered" the move. I didn't just put things in boxes marked "Kitchen". I had the items in the box in my Paper Tiger system so, when we moved, we didn't have to go through ten boxes to find that critical one item - it was right there in the box numbered in our Paper Tiger system. Thank you for a life altering addition to my office, and for a great "life" system, not just "office" system.

Jennifer Phillips Just Jen's Pieces (JJP) Oct 19, 2010
I help out, or use to, at a friend's store with her accounting, and bills, and all of the filing, and paperwork, because she is lost when it comes to that. Recently, I told her about Paper Tiger and she tried it! Now she doesn't need me anymore. I am thrilled at how easily, and thoroughly Paper Tiger helped her out; so now we have time to spend enjoying our friendship instead of going over slips of paper.

Jeanine Davis Davis Painting, Inc. Oct 19, 2010
Paper Tiger has helped me to have a perfectly clean and organized desk! No longer am I living under stacks of unorganized paper! I can find any document quickly and efficiently--no more shuffling through stacks, and now I look like a real pro. I can file things and actually retrieve them easily!

Randolph Hinton RH Wealth Advisors, Inc. Oct 19, 2010
Paper Tiger has helped me organize massive stacks of paper that were difficult to categorize under traditional methods. Paper Tiger makes it quick and easy and allows me to keep and access important reference material. Thank you.

Ethelyn Barksdale Personally Speaking Speech-Language Pathology Services Oct 19, 2010
I love Paper Tiger because I can create files for as many topics as I need. When I no longer need a file, I can reassign that file number to the new topic/subject.

Jesus Dacal Encore Int'l Trading, Inc. Oct 19, 2010
Love the product! File it anywhere and find easily at anytime with Paper Tiger. It really makes filing a breeze. This product does for filing what Google did for web sites!

Renee Thomas Bermuda Government Oct 19, 2010
I can locate my files a lot faster, especially when there's an emergency and documents are needed right away. Also, now that I have it installed at home, I can also organize my music Library! I have at least 500 CD's and had no way of keeping track of what I owned. Now I can with Paper Tiger. It's a great tool!

I love Paper Tiger for many reasons! One I have truly come to appreciate with the new system is by having it out in the cloud with Paper Tiger Online, I don't have to worry that the many company updates they always seem to be doing can't affect the program. Since it is not on my machine I don't have to worry that their changes will cause any problems any more. I had this happen once in the past and it took a while to get it fixed. My boss gets many requests for data from the Corporate office and since Paper Tiger, we can get him anything he needs and get back to them promptly...this makes him look very good and he is very happy with me for finding Paper Tiger. With the new system, it is not just on my machine and he can go do a quick search from his if I am not here and find anything he wants...It also lets him add any key words he might use to help find things, which he really likes. Paper Tiger made us heroes and it is so easy to use! And the new version in the cloud makes it even easier. It is the best tool I have ever purchased for the office! Thank you Paper Tiger